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Combat Boots
Visions of varying shades of green
Cloud my eyes with fatigue
Boots laced high, cap pulled low
March to the beat of that distant drum.
A brother, a son, a husband, a friend
This hero goes by many names
He will walk through hell and back
For country and family and love
One thousand plus miles separate
Half a barely beating heart labors through
Each second bringing me a little bit closer
Each hour seeming longer than the last
Without him is a world devoid
Of colours and textures and sounds
My heart, my hero, my everything
My wonderful man in uniform.
:iconash4love:ash4love 1 0
My Hero by ash4love My Hero :iconash4love:ash4love 2 1
De doigts et levres et ames
Heart ripped out
Beating thump thump
In perfect rhythm with another
Far away young lovers torn
Turned away
But not forgotten.
Empty spaces lay
Between fingers and lips and souls
Waiting for a guiding force
"Hush my loves, soon,"
Winds whisper in the dark
But still feeling dissipated
Left alone with nothing
But tear-stained pillows
And promise of a bright tomorrow
:iconash4love:ash4love 3 5
As The Pendulum Swings 1.14
     It was shocking to discover that Doyle had begun to fall for me as I had for him. At least, it could be assumed by the kiss he placed tenderly on my lips as we sat together. I had faith that he would find a way to save Keera, but it pained me to keep that information from her and Blythe. I spent as many days with her as possible, though it hurt to forego a visit with Doyle.
     "You know, you never talk about the stranger from the cemetery anymore. Doyle, right? Whatever happened with him?" She asked one day as I was helping her in the shop.
     "I'm not sure what to say. He's been teaching me to read."
     "Oh. Well, that's really romantic." Keera seems disappointed and I consider telling her the details I dared not think about.
     "He kissed me."
     Keera looked at me in amazement. "When? Where?" The words almost seem to elu
:iconash4love:ash4love 1 1
As the Pendulum Swings 1.12
     When I walked into town, the villagers were frantic with worry and fear. They conversed amongst themselves and I briefly heard mention of Verlust in the air. So Azalee was next on the list and it was most likely already decided who had been chosen for sacrifice.
     Many years ago, the Azaleans decided the best method for choosing the sacrifice would be to draw names.  The task was usually left to Ethyl and Manni. They are the oldest of the village and have long since been illegible for Verlust. The royals wish for the young to be brought and a person's name is usually added after they have had their first child.
     I noticed the townspeople looked at me with pity as I made my way towards Keera's shop.  I began to fear that my own name had been called by some mistake. More likely, it was Tristan; what would my family do without him?
     I enter into the shop,
:iconash4love:ash4love 1 0
As the Pendulum Swings 1.10
The days that passed where I didn't see Doyle were dull at best. I couldn't explain it, but he monopolized my thoughts the way no boy ever had before. I wasn't sure of the feeling; it was possible I was falling for him, though I knew nothing could ever come of it. Even if his feelings were reciprocated, I was a lowly peasant while he was most likely in line to inherit the family fortune. Not to mention that girl he was supposed to marry. My feelings towards her were just as foreign to me and the sickness left in the pit of my stomach was unbearable.
I was unable to meet him on that fourth day, but I asked Keera to write a note for him and asked him to leave a token if he could return the following morning. I arrived early; shortly after the sun began to rise. I expected he would not join me until it was directly overhead, but was pleasantly surprised when I heard Herin's hooves pounding softly against the earth shortly after. I walk towards the horse, holding a turnip out to the beast,
:iconash4love:ash4love 2 5
As The Pendulum Swings 1.8
I walk away from Doyle, holding the small fruit in my hand. It wasn't quite as large as a blood berry; pale yellow in color and covered with a thick, seemingly inedible skin. I cross the threshold of my home and head to my room, not bothering to look for my father or brother.  I light the candle near my small bed, fold my legs beneath my skirt and make myself comfortable as I examine the fruit. I pierce the protective layer with my thumb nail and begin to pull the skin back. I can smell an unknown scent emanating from the fruit; it was unlike anything I had ever known in my young life. It was invigorating and almost familiar, yet strange. I pulled the entire thing apart, letting the juices flow down my fingers. I tasted the fruit; it wasn't as sweet as the blood berry, yet refreshing because of that. I attempted to eat each slice slowly, but the delectable treat was gone before I knew it. I place the peelings next to my bed; allowing the ever present draft to carry the aroma
:iconash4love:ash4love 1 0
As the Pendulum Swings 1.6
When I returned to the cemetery the following morning to meet Doyle, he had yet to arrive. I sat beneath the tree and grasped for one of the low-laying blood berries. I enjoyed the fruit slowly, taking small bites and allowing the sugary juices to roll across my tongue. I continued to wait and by the time I could see the sun nearly straight above, I knew he wasn't coming. I knew it wouldn't take long for my appeal to wear off to him and I felt myself hurt more than I should as I slowly marched the path back to our farm.
I went about my usual chores the following day. Finn came to help in the field while my father and Tristan took care of the cows. It was a hard day of work; one I would soon become accustomed to as the season wore on. As the day wore on, I left the men to prepare dinner for them and cleaned up to the best of my abilities. They entered the small hut smelling of dirt and sweat. I was suddenly painfully aware of how Doyle must see me; I could not appear much better than th
:iconash4love:ash4love 3 2
Le Coeur
Oft left broken
Beating face down
On the linoleum floor
The tears staining the carpet
The blood leaking from the veins
This heart is not my heart
Not mine to give
Ripped from the cavity
It so peacefully rested before
Before you cut me apart
Time they say
Give it time
And all ends will come together
I never thought it true
A fate without a me and you
Yet pumping blood
Nestled deep within a cage
A new organ grows
One that doesn't need you
One that will love again
:iconash4love:ash4love 0 18
As The Pendulum Swings 1.4
     I turn to walk away from this odd stranger in the cemetery. I was frightened that he had been waiting for me and even more so knowing he was an aristocrat. What could he possibly want from a peasant girl like me?
     "Aurélie, wait," he said; his voice was gentle, contradicting the unease coursing through my body. I tensed, but refused to face him. The instinct to run was quickly becoming overpowering. "Please, I'm not going to hurt you."
     "Said the predator to his prey," I mumbled, not really intending for him to hear me.
     "Just give me a chance to explain," he almost begs.
     I turn slowly to face him. "Alright, then explain why you're so interested in me."
     He pauses for a moment. "You are undeniably strange, milady. In a time most consider dark and unkind, you bring light. It's like you bring the sun back."
:iconash4love:ash4love 2 0
As The Pendulum Swings 1.2
     "Father," Tristan calls as he enters the back door to our humble abode. Barely more than a shack, the structure could hardly be called a home, though it is where I have lived for the entirety of my life. "One of the heifers is ready!"
     My father lumbers through from his bedroom and pretty much ignores me as I cook his breakfast. With his old age, Father has been having trouble with more than his movements. As the years passed, his memory seemed to fail him and now, there is hardly a day that he actually remembers my existence, let alone my name. When my parents married, my father had seen twice as many suns as she had. Ten suns ago, she had been called upon and ever since then, my father has only deteriorated. It is difficult for him to work in the fields with Tristan, but some days he has no choice. It is likely that when he passes on that we will have to sell our farm and livestock and find a new way to live.
:iconash4love:ash4love 3 2
Choke me down
Like the beauty
In fresh picked lilies
Swallow me whole
While my soul lies
In shambles on your floor
Spit me out
Like yesterday's spoiled meatloaf
I'll  writhe and wither,
Dejected by your impressionism
Until I rid myself
Of the virus you've induced
These dry heaves try to rid me of you
There's no point in finding beauty
While the beast rests inside
:iconash4love:ash4love 3 17
Turn Back to Yellow
Outside the window the leaves turn
The brilliant yellows and reds and oranges
Outside my window rests a memory
Of you and me and what once was
The heart wrenches in my chest
Choking back tears I whisper your name
Frozen in a time happier than now
Back when the leaves were green
Yearning and suffering in spite of
What you promised and I believed
Back when the heart not shattered, but stolen
Was more than this vestigial dream
Now more than ever hope seeps through
A hope not backed up with truth
Like faith in a God so wretched and cruel
And he laughs as he plays 'keep away' with you
Yet the hope manifests in that small space
Behind the ribs; nestled between lungs
My congenital defect cultivating love
Willing you to return; willing my yellow sun.
:iconash4love:ash4love 6 8
Life and Death by ash4love Life and Death :iconash4love:ash4love 1 8 Fall Foilage by ash4love Fall Foilage :iconash4love:ash4love 5 4 Just Around the River Bend by ash4love Just Around the River Bend :iconash4love:ash4love 0 10

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Lost Like Tears
I slide through the door, my thoughts predominant
to the snow at my feet: ashen and slick,
a reminder of the last time I had gazed upon such empty beauty
(the kind that makes you smile on the outside and weep on the in)
and it’s almost like I can feel the sand beneath my feet,
sense the friction that always makes me cringe.
It’s like I can feel your fingertips along the back of my neck -
cool as always - and I sense a chill, ethereal as it is,
altogether unacquainted with the breeze.
Once, I traveled far in search of hope and for dreams,
yet, standing there with the remains of war overlapping
that tedious tide, I let my fingers do the talking,
let them puncture the bonds between silica grains
in the shape of honesty:
my heart was missing you and no one else.
So as I slid through that portal,
winter mingling with the spring I continually keep in mind
where the snow and the rain had crossed paths,
had masked the tears I did not cry, I found that  
I am missing you sti
:iconangelsarefascists:angelsarefascists 3 1
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Re: Your Girlfriend Called
I found a poem. I would have sent it to you.
So you'd leave the woman I love alone.
When I looked down, there out of the blue,
You were the one who wrote it.
And I couldn't stop laughing.
I found a poem. It wasn't well-written.
But the message it carried was clear.
By the jealousy bug you have surely been bitten,
Get over me, I'm not yours anymore.
And I couldn't stop laughing.
So I looked down farther, to point out your flaws,
To help you realize your mistake.
And a big gray box opened its jaws,
No comments accepted from me.
And I couldn't stop laughing.
When you told me your lengthy title,
All the adjectives before Sakinah of Lore,
You forgot the one you hide under your miter,
You're a horrible coward.
And I couldn't stop laughing.
So now I lay dead from lack of breath,
Your revenge finally complete.
I've died laughing, an amusing death,
She never called you, you dialed her number.
And I couldn't stop laughing.
:iconineptninjano1:IneptNinjano1 3 12
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Allo! Of late, I've been pretty active in the dA community. Over the past (nearly) four years, I have grown tremendously as a writer and have learned how to better express myself. For all you struggling poets out there, check out RawEm0tion and if you decide to join, let them know that I sent you! It's a great place to receive critique and get your writing out there! Also, for those of you that like dAmn chat, visit…. I am the RE chat host every weekend! CHECK IT OUT!

Current Residence: Columbus, OH
Favourite genre of music: Alternative/Classic Rock
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Apple iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Personal Quote: Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas.
  • Watching: Family Guy
  • Playing: Fable 2
Hey all! I HAVE AN EMPTY INBOX! Took me long enough but I thanked who I needed to thank, checked out what I needed to check out and got rid of it all! Sorry if I didn't leave too many comments but I had THOUSANDS of deviations to go through.

I'm trying to get back to writing, though it is hard when one is happy. In fact, I don't think I would have written the last poem except that my heart aches. I am temporarily ripped apart from my soul mate while he is in Basic Training and I feel like a chunk of my heart is missing. But only 5 more weeks until I see him again, so I can be strong until then.

I want to be active, I really do, but I am quite busy at the moment. Between work and working out, I am about ready to hit the pillow when I get home. If it wasn't for the fact that got hit by a car on my bike yesterday, I probably wouldn't be here now! No worries, I'm fine...just bumped and bruised, but I'm sore and stiff and anxious to get back to my running. I hate that it is far more cathartic than writing, but I'm hoping I can find a mixture. The novel is coming along (if angelsarefascists would get her butt in gear ;P) but the poems, not so much. Oh'll come together.

Not much else is new...Want to say thanks for all those who continued to support me and for those who jumped on the bandwagon. Hope I don't disappoint!




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